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    Flash and Cache! Help!



      We have a full flash website, everytime we update the file, we load it into a new file to make sure the user get the new file and not the old one from Cache.

      we are using this code on the home page:

      <script>window.location.href="/r07/index.html";</script> and changing to r08 or r09 when we update the file.


      I dont want to use this code on the home page, it is not good from seo point of view.


      the question is, how do i make sure the user get the new file when it is updated and not the file in his/her cache?

      the developer says we need to do it this way to make sure the newest version is loaded into the user browser! so everytime there is an update, we will use new html file in new directory!!


      How can I make sure that the user is getting the latest and most up to date version of our flash website and not loading the one in cache, without using the above way?


      Thanks you.