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    Conversion of xml data to dynamic PDF form

    Amol Khese


      I am using JDBC connection to pick data from database.The resultant result set is a xml file which is changing continously. I have to pre populate a dynamic pdf form using the data in xml.

      Can anyone help me regarding the steps I have to take to make this work.



      Amol Khese

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          Yan Kliaver

          Hi Amol,


          You have to complete the following steps:


          1. Create a XDP template (in Workbench or Designer) and bind it to xsd schema that matching the structure of your xml.
          2. Upload it to your repository.
          3. Define outDoc variable as document type var. and set it as output variable.
          4. Drag the renderPDFForm service to workbench pool of your process.
          5. In the properties of renderPDFForm set the name of your template as an Input>Form to Render
          6. Set the output xml of your JDBC query to be Input>Form data.
          7. Under Input>Url options>Content Root URI set the path to your temlate in this way: repository:///pathToYourXdp
          8. Set the Output>Rendered Form to outDoc variable you defined in step 3.
          9. Connect between your JDBC activity and renderPDFForm and invoke the process.



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