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    Creating a photo slide shome with music and text and export to dvd


      Hello I am a newbie on this so I would need a lot of help


      I would like to create a presentetion DVD for my town. The idea is a slide show of photos with some music and after a set of photos a screen with text displaying infos about the city or the sights. This will be in 2 languages.


      So my questions are:

      1. I live in europe, what my initial settings must be: PAL? Frame rates? Audio? Any other settings?

      2. I will import still images, what is the the prefered size? the original size or should I resized them to 760px?

      3. How can I import text in to my project?

      4. What is the best way to export it in order to view this on a TV using DVD device or in PC.


      Thanks in Advance


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          Eddie Lotter Level 4

          Welcome to the forums.


          1. PAL, 25 frames per second, audio 16bit 48kHz
          2. If you are not going to zoom then use the same frame size as PAL, 720x576 with the desired pixel aspect ratio.
          3. You create text as titles in the titler.
          4. Burn your test project to a DVD-RW disc and test it on your set-top DVD player.


          See the slide show and stills categories for tutorials on doing slide shows in PPro.


          See the titler category for titler tutorials.


          See the tutorials category for many free tutorials that will quickly show you how things are done in PPro.



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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Along with the excellent suggestions and links that Eddie provided you, there are some considerations for the "two languages," aspect. One way is to do two SlideShows, and alter the Titles for each one individually. This is the easier way, as it only involves changing your Titles by language.


            The better way is to use the Subtitles function in Encore. When setup properly, with the Subtitles scripted, this will allow the user to use a "Language Selection Menu" to choose the desired language. IIRC, you can have up to 6 different languages as Subtitles. You then only have to produce one DVD (it's also only one Project in PrPro), and the users can choose. There are several very important considerations that you should address early on, when using Subtitles. I don't know the ins-and-outs well enough to comment, but if you post HERE, and ask for info, you WILL be directed to all of the proper instructions. Do this BEFORE you get into production, as it will save tons of work, should you have to try to fix anything later.


            One tip: you will want your Exported Audio to be in either PCM/WAV, or AC3. These are the only DVD-standard Audio formats. MPEG-Audio is an "optional" format in PAL-land, but can be frought with problems. You still will need either the WAV, or the AC3 for your main Audio. Do not Export muxed files for Encore. It likes elemental streams best, i.e. one Audio-only file and one Video-only file. Muxed sources cause nothing but grief.


            For heavily Titled Projects, I use a wordprocessor and then bring the text into Photoshop (PS) to create my Titles. Titler is a good, and powerful tool, but it does not have some capabilities, like spell-checking. In PS, I do my layout and image editing, then Save my full, Layered file as a working .PSD. If I only need the "Flattened" version (if I am not going to animate any of the Layers), I'll flatten, and do a Save_As. This file is then Imported into PrPro.


            Note: if you do go the Subtitle in Encore route, you will need to do those Titles in a Subtitling program. Recommendations will come at the link above - The Encore>Subtitles forum. If you do the Subtitles, make sure that you use the proper Timecode delimiters - PAL is the colon ":" and not the semi-colon ";".


            Good luck with the Project, and do not forget to start with a post to the Encore>Subtitles forum. Those folk know their stuff. Pay special attention to anything that Jbowden or Neil Wilkes says, as they are both very good and offer sage advice.



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              satsilem Level 1

              Thank you for your answers I will try the things you suggested me.