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    Mini-TOC in RoboHelp 8


      We'll upgrade from RoboHelp X5 to RoboHelp 8. For this reason I'm testing the trial-version of Robo-Help 8. Especially the new feature Mini-TOC is a great addition for our Online-Help (HTML-Help -> chm-Files). But the Mini-TOC really had to rack my brain over it. I'm worrying about formatting of Mini-TOC.

      I know, that some settings can be done at the "Settings for Mini-TOC"dialogue. Also I investigated, that the Mini-TOC is connected to the Dropdown-Text CSS Style.

      I want to format our Mini-TOC like the Mini-TOC in the Adobe RoboHelp 8 Help style (HTML Help of the programme), but there's no possibility to get the trigger-area formatted (the area where one can see the show/hide-text). So, how can I define a background color for the trigger-area, and how can I define this in that way, that it looks like in RoboHelp 8 Help. Also I want to define a symbol for the show/hide-trigger, that is positioned before the show/hide-trigger-text.

      Also I've got a problem to change the trigger-text at the LNG-file ([MasterPage] MT_HideString=Ausblenden und  MT_ShowString=Einblenden). I use the german trial-version of RoboHelp 8 and it isn't possible to change "Ausbelnden" to "ausblenden". RoboHelp is going to autocorrect that. How can I disbale that?

      I stated, that the Mini-TOC is connected to the Dropdown-Text CSS-style, but how can I define a seperate TOC-style. If I make changes at the dropdwon-text-style, this is going to have consequences for thr Mini-TOC and the Dropdown-text. I tried to define a seperate style for the Mini-TOC, but this one didn't work. RoboHelp ignored my defined Mini-TOC-style in the css-file.

      Also I want to fix the width of the Mini-TOC. I don't want to have the width of the Mini-TOC resized when the help-window is resized. How can I set up a fixe width?

      (I hope my english isn't to bad to understand.)

      Kind regards