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    Using Weblogic to Deploy Simple Flex App



         I am trying to deploy a simple Flex application in a weblogic8.1  server , so that I can use it locally.

      Can any one please guide me where and how I have to deploy my flex app .

      I am pretty new to this can any body provide me a guide or walk through step wise for me.

      More over What is the url I need to give in the browser to access the flex app I deploy in the Weblogic server.

      (At present I am using the IIS -- just copying the .swf file and wrapper html page in to the C:\Inetpub\wwwroot and giving http://localhost/test.html

      in the browser to access it) ---  How do I do this using Weblogic 8.1



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          Gregory Lafrance Level 6

          I've never deployed to WebLogic, but deploying Flex apps is pretty simple. You place the wrapper HTML file in your web root, where you would normally put your other HTML pages for your web site, and just have the other files Flex provides for Flash Player detection where Flex places them in relation to the wrapper file.

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            nash99 Level 1

            Hi Greg ,
                      Thanks for the reply .. I am trying to figure out where is the  web Root folder
            for the Weblogic 8.1 . Do you have any idea where should I copy my files in  the
            weblogic8.1 folder structure.


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              Richard_Abbott Level 3

              Hi Nash,

              I've used WebLogic a great deal (though mostly v9 rather than 8). The basic place is in the same location as your JSP files, so in your WebContent folder rather than src. However, you may well have structured the JSP pages themselves into folders (I routinely do this on big projects to roughly accord with menu chocies) in which case I would put the Flex compiled swc in with the JSP in which it is embedded. In principle it can be elsewhere (eg all swc files collected in a single place) but personally I find it easier to keep the page and insert together.

              When WebLogic deploys then the folder structure of WebContentremains the same, but the src files get processed rather differently to support the controller/struts navigation.

              If you update the swc without changing the WebLogic sever part, then you can just drop the altered swc into the correct location on your server... so long as yuo can find it since it is usually buried lots of folder-layers deep. But the WebLogic admin console should indicate where the server looks for the files, and you can then track that down on your hard disk.

              Hope that helps,


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                nash99 Level 1

                HI Richard,


                              Thanks for the reply .. I am able to get through this.

                Can you please suggest me any website (post some links) where I can get some good knowledge on

                using Weblogic with Flex (we are not using data services).

                I googled a lot but could not find anything realy good.




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                  Richard_Abbott Level 3

                  Hi again Nash,

                  the stuff I am doing at present is not yet permitted to be publicly available, but the principles are very straightforward. Remember that WebLogic is primarily concerned with server-side functionality and Flex with client-side, so there is not really a great deal of overlap. The place where your Flex instantiation code will sit is in one or other JSP, using code very like the templates that Adobe generate. The only thing you have to do is ensure that your JSP (or the controller/code files behind it) generate HTML that contains the necessary. I tend to use the Apache Beehive libraries for UI stuff, but from vague memory I don't think these were around in WL8 - however, it doesn't really matter what tag library you prefer as all you are doing is generating HTML that looks like the usual JavaScript calls to AC_FL_RunContent (or swfobject if you are using that method). Basically, just take the Adobe-generated template and wrap the necessary bits and pieces round the edge to make it a proper JSP.

                  When you need to make calls to get functionality, just use something like

                                      service = new HTTPService();
                                      separator_date = new Date();
                                      service.url = "get_tool_list.jsp?sep=" + separator_date.valueOf();
                                      service.addEventListener(FaultEvent.FAULT , fault_handler);
                                      service.addEventListener(ResultEvent.RESULT, resultHandler);
                                      service.resultFormat = "text";
                                      service.requestTimeout = WEB_SERVICE_TIMEOUT;

                  and then inside get_tool_list.jsp (or whatever...) do the server-side functionality you need, and return the result in a suitable format that the Flex resultHandler method can then interpret and make use of.

                  Hope that helps,


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                    nash99 Level 1

                    thanks a lot Richard