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    Enhanced Security, and indexed PDFs on Intranet


      Hey here,


      i need to upgrade to the new AR 9.1 companywide from 7.09. I created a SMS Package with the Deploymentwizard. Installation works fine so far.


      Only problem i have is with some Technical Documentations on our Intranet. We have a lot of IndexPDFs there, which are linking to other PDFs in the Intranet. But these are no normal hyperlinks, the guys managed to add these as file:////servername/projectpath/document.pdf. Everything i tried so far to disable the Popup "The Document is trying to connect to..." wasn't working since i can't add the domain of our Intranet, Servernames etc. aren't working also include every file wouldn't work for me since there are some hundred documents in it.


      Hope someone can help me out here .. and sorry for my bad english.