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    printed document page number cross-references

    rschwarz100 Level 1
      Is it possible to export webhelp to Printed Document - MS Word with page numbers taking the place of hyperlinks? Must the page numbers be added after the printed document is created?

      If so, can the InsertPagRefs macro insert page numbers across a multifile document?

      I anticipate exporting to printed documents consisting of multiple files with pictures inserted by reference. I need cross-reference page numbers that look like internal page references.

      If a master document is not recommended for a large manual, how is a large manual to be handled? I intend not to use Word as a base for single sourcing and to create RD fields and files for an *input* document. I intend to use webhelp as the single source so I can use RH 7 conditional text and mutiple TOCs to produce multiple documents and document formats!