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    Flash Navigation - General Question

    OWLDevelopment Level 2

      Hi, I'm pretty new to flash for web. and i have a few questions.

      I'm designing a website with some flash elements in it.

      A Header with a simple animation and a tab based navigation.

      • Header

      I want the animation to play only once . when i go to a different html page i dont want the flash file to play again although its a new page!

      Should i do it with flash cookies or theres an easier way to do it ?

      • Navigation

      The navigation is tab based, so the question is almost the same, i want the navigation to save the tab position or the page position

      even though the user is navigating to a new page. From what i know it can be done with cookies or that i need to create 4 different SWF files to

      each page... Again im pretty sure theres a better way to do it. After all the user can disable cookies and the the site wont play correctly, :/ I think....


      flash player on their computer (if there are such people) or people that will view the site in mobile devices .


      Its my first Thread in this community,

      Hope that some one can give me a good answer.....