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    Adobe air 1.5.1 and linux




      I am using suse 11. I have just created an AIR application setup. It works fine with linux. probably faster than my windows.


      Yes, video is not working. There are some other issues with AIR and linux and as I know those issues are already mentioned by either adobe team or some other guys.


      Here what I want to discuss is ...directory file listing problem. [I have tried to list font files files of application root --> ttf folder]


      I am not sure whether it would be of security issue or something else.


      Hope anyone explain it better.




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          sundeep.maithani Level 3

          Hi DEL

          Thanks for using AIR-Linux and thanks for reporting the issue. In order to solve the problem kindly provide the answers to the following questions:


          1. How are you trying to list the files in the folder? Can you provide a code snippet?

          2. What is the incorrect behaviour you are observing?

          3. Are you using a non UTF-8 system ?