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    Is it possible to make a modal window resizable?


      Is it possible to make a modal window resizable?


      I am not sure that I have the best way to create modal windows in the first place.

      I have a TitleWindow which is hidden, and when I want to display it I make it visible and add it to thePopUpManager.

      For example here I have an "importing" window which is visible while the application imports some stuff:


          <mx:TitleWindow id="importingWindow" title="Importing Frame"
              layout="absolute" styleName="Blue"
              creationPolicy="all" visible="false"
              width="350" height="150"
              modalTransparency="0.3" modalTransparencyBlur="1" modalTransparencyColor="0x999999"
                  <mx:Label tabIndex="0" text="Importing... please wait!" left="55" top="45"/>


                  private function showImportingWindow():void
                       PopUpManager.addPopUp( importingWindow, this, true );
                      PopUpManager.centerPopUp( importingWindow );
                  private function hideImportingWindow():void
                      PopUpManager.removePopUp( importingWindow );
                      importingWindow.visible = false;


      How would it be possible for this window to be resizable?

      If not through the TitleWindow, is there any other way to have a resizable window within the application? (i know the application window can be resizable, but what about windows within the application?)