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    Regd Livecycle Process Management

    Amol Khese

      Hi All
      I am new to Livecycle. I have certain doubts related to working of Livecycle Processes
      Query1) In case of Long-lived process how does the livecycle server keeps track of instance when the process is invoked multiple times.
      Let me elaborate on my questions:
      eg:  The process is as follows:
                Step1 : I have a variable which is a string it concatenates with another string and inserts into database

                Step 2: This is a flex application (A human centric process ) which reads the data from database and maipulates it an inserts into database again
                Step3: In this step the process selects data from database.This data is nothing but the data submittd in  step 2.The query in database is some what ("select name where user_id = ? ")
                Step 4:- This data which is read is written to file in file system.


      Now Consider for above system There are 2 users User A and User B
          Instance 1:User A starts the process and enters say "aaa" and flex application modifies it to : "aaaflex"
          Instance 2: User B starts the process and enters say "bbb" and flex application modifies it to : "bbbflex"
          Instance 3:User A starts the process again and enters "a1a1" and flex application modifies it to : "a1a1flex"


      Now in database I have 3 entries so how will adobe livecycle server keep track of these 3 instances created ie
      when incase of instance one when "aaa" is passed "aaaflex" is written into filesystem and so on and so forth.


      In a nutshell in case of Human centric processes does livecycle server keeps track of various instances or we have code it manually.

      Query 2) How to write join conditions for route
      eg: "and" condition
        ie when both of the previous steps have to be executed before the next step is invoked


      Amol Khese

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          pguerett Level 6

          Query1) Process Management will keep track of the different data by keeping state information about the instance of the process that is being executed. It creates a ProcessID for each instance of the process and a TaskID so it knows which spet is being done within the process. You donot have to do anything with these it is automatic.


          Query2) There is a Gateway modeling element provided for these types of situations. The Modelinng Element View will more than likely not be active so go to Window/Show View/ Modeling Elements