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    .mp3 compressed audio stream dose not play in AIR

    Kaushik Mukherjee

      Hi All,


      We are trying to load stream audio file with mp3 compression in the AIR app using the follwoing code using FLash CS4 -


      var snd:Sound = new Sound();      
      snd.load(new URLRequest(""""));


      This works fine when we publish for flashPlayer 9/10. When we try to publish it using AIR the sound dose not play.


      We have tested with another approach, where we are loading sound with .flv compression. Here we are using NetConnection and NetStream method to play the sound. With .flv compression it works well in both flash player version as well AIR versions. On the other side when we try to use NetConnection and NetStream method to play .mp3 compressed audio stream it dose not pl when we publish in AIR or flashplayer.


      If anyone having any info to play .mp3 compressed format in AIR file will be very much appreciable.