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    Where is the ******* documentation/manual/reference?

    amn Level 1

      Anyone knows?


      It should be so pervasive, I should have found it immediately. Instead I am searching Adobe and Google after not finding anything on Pixel Bender SDK's page on labs.adobe.com


      Does there even exist official documentation?

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          Kevin Goldsmith Level 3

          Check in the help menu, both the reference guide and developers guide are there. Or you can also look in


          \program files\adobe\adobe utilities\Pixel Bender Toolkit\docs




          \Applications\Utilities\Adobe Utilities\Pixel Bender Toolkit\docs

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            amn Level 1

            No can do, I am on Linux. Does not even work in Wine... So much for open source and modularity.

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              Kevin Goldsmith Level 3

              Are you trying to use the Pixel Bender Toolkit on Linux with Wine, or some other tool (like PBDT)?


              If the toolkit works or not, if you got it to install there are PDF files that you can read for the documentation.

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                amn Level 1

                I am not really trying anything in particular, as I am using a whole another compiler (haXe) that assembles the .pbj kernel files for use by Flash Player, and just need some sort of documentation for that which Flash Player runs.


                Now I know Pixel Bender is not the same as that which runs assembled .pbj files, but regardless, no documentation for either can be found easily.


                I am running Linux and the only option for me currently with regards to Adobe's Pixel Bender Toolkit is to try and run it in Wine, which it does NOT do because the installer uses some features of WinAPI that Wine does not yet have in its code. Fair enough. I don't seek advice on making it run, I just need some human readable text for making sense out of Pixel Bender beyond the advertisement of features on labs.adobe.com/technologies/pixelbender and sporadic tutorials (which assume I already have the documentation), neither of which help me.


                All I wanted is to extract the documentation, since it is, by some design flaw from Adobe, ONLY available from INSIDE running/installed Toolkit, and not like a standalone PDF like the rest of Adobe's manuals.


                I found ONE SINGLE third-party copy of this PDF from a Korean website. This speaks volumes about Adobe supporting developers, does it not?


                P.S. Good gods, the performance of this JavaScript/AJAX-ridden bloated forum really SUCKS. And don't tell me Firefox on Linux is inadequate, this is the first one that is so awful in performance - apparently these "programmers" from Jive Software have trapped cursor moving or textfield changing event, because there is something seriously wrong with typing experience here. I can't type normally without cursor freezing for half a second each second character or disappearing from view sporadically.


                Yes I am a harsh critic, but I do weigh what I write.