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    Atom binding not working


      Hi guys

      To make it simple, I've got a Flex application with Advanced Data Grids binded with XML and Atom feeds.

      With my XML file, the application works very well:


      jiraList = new XMLList(event.result.channel.item);


      However, when I try to access Atom feeds, I cannot go lower than "event.result".

      This works:


      clarityList = event.result as XMLList; Alert.show(clarityList.toString());


      But this doesn't:


      clarityList = event.result.feed as XMLList; Alert.show(clarityList.toString());


      As Adobe explains it, I use the Atom namespace:


      private namespace atom = http://www.w3.org/2005/Atom ;

      use namespace atom;


      My goal is to be able to bind the Atom feed with my Advanced Data Grid Columns, as it works with my XML feed.

      Thanks 4 help !!