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    Newbie question-hide/show content from layers when button is clicked

    Itzelm Level 1

      HI guys, I have very limited knowledge of Flash and Action script 2 but would like to solve this problem.


      I have an animation that shows items highlighted in a diagram. As the items are highlighted, the audio will play (to explain the animation). because we are creating this for people with possible disabilities, we also created captions with text for the audio. So, in separate layers, we created speech bubbles and text that is synchronized to the animated actions on the screen. this will also be  synchronized with the audio.  We want to have a button (close captioning button) that when users press it, they see the text captions and if they press it again, they don't see the text captions.


      my questions are

      1) what will be the easiest way to create the effect i am looking for?

      2) what actionscript command will i need for the button's actions?