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    scale/crop images cs4


      when importing xml file the images has to be scaled and increased (ex.20%) and fit to their boxes. 


      How can this be done easily?



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          AdobeScripts Level 3



          I think setting right properties in ObjectStyle should fix your problem - InDesign will automatically rescale/resize images to fit boxes





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            I'm using this:


            function placeImage(fileRef){

            imageRect = imagePage.rectangles.add(imageDoc.layers.item(-1), undefined, undefined, {geometricBounds:[0, 0, desiredHeight, desiredWidth], strokeWeight:0, strokeColor:imageDoc.swatches.item("None")});





            hope this helps...

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              nettmester Level 1

              yeas maybe,

              can we set these properties on one tag and make them count on everyone?

              U see we make school yearbooks and we allready have indesign templates. The templates has hundreds of small image boxes.

              We gonna use snippets and then import XML.

              I think it would be OK to do several templates with different crop measure.

              But to change proporties of thousands of boxes is to much work.

              I hope there is a way to do changes on one box and make it count on everyone in the template.

              Then i wouldnt have to use scripts.