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    E book bought from Waterstones is very slow in use can you, help?


      E book bought from Waterstones is unreasonably slow in use can you help, please?


      I purchased a copy of “The Complete English Poems” by John Donne as an e-book, I downloaded the e-book successfully, as well as the new Digital Editions software and transferred the e-book to my Sony Reader. However when I try to use the book it is slow opening up and very slow moving between sections, or navigating between the poem and the notes on the poems, typically between three and five minutes. In practice this means that if I wish to consult a note on a poem it can take five minutes to move from the poem to the note then another five minutes to navigate back, giving a time of ten minutes to consult a note. This is not really feasible.


      I have had no problem downloading and reading other books, from Waterstones bought after the John Donne.


      I have tried deleting and re-loading the John Donne, as well as resetting the reader to no avail.


      I contacted Sony support who says that as my other e-books from Waterstones and other sources work perfectly, then the fault lies with “The Complete English Poems” and not the Sony reader.


      Please note that I had a similar problem with a Waterstones edition of “the King James Version of The Holy Bible. “ This problem was never resolved.