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    Printing problem


      When printing pdf. document whit acrobat reader squares appear instead of words. I tried installing last version but nothing changed.


      Any suggestions ?

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          krivulja Level 1

          Also important; pdf. document is opened from  a web  page.  Regardless of  if it is opened directly in acrobat or if acrobat is opened in IE ( internet explorer ) there is no change.


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            MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            Download the file to your hard disk and in Reader, use the print as image option.

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              krivulja Level 1

              Thanx !  this worked perfectly 




              Jet I have another printing problem so i will simply continue here.



              Again when printing from acrobat the right side of the document isn't printed. Even when i used '' print to fit page '' in printer options and in acrobat '' shrink to fit page '' or something like that --- there is no effect at all.  I also tried landscape printing but then, top side of the document is missing.


              Print as image doesn't help ither.

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                What kind of printer is this?  Have you tried a different printer, or using the Microsoft Image printer, and taking a look at the print preview to see if it looks correct there?  Does it only happen with one particular document?  Have you tried printing that document from another computer if so?