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    How can I style <li> and <a> elements in a TextArea?

    yantzgh Level 1

      I'm using a TextArea to display some htmlText.  How can I style the <li> and <a> elements in the htmlText?  Specifically, I need to remove the left margin for the <li>'s and I need to underline the <a>'s.


      I've tried creating a styleSheet for the textField property of the TextArea, but it doesn't seem to do anything.


      var _styleSheet:StyleSheet = new StyleSheet();
      _styleSheet.setStyle('.noMargin', {marginLeft: 0, paddingLeft: 0});
      _styleSheet.setStyle('.link', {textDecoration: 'underlined'});
      textField.styleSheet = _styleSheet;


      ...In the HTML, the <li>'s have class="noMargin" and the <a>'s have class="link".


      Thanks in advance for any help you can provide...