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    Help!! Related Topics issue with IE7

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      I recently had a problem opening my RoboHelp project in Firefox. I got that sorted but now my Related Topics buttons don't open in Internet Explorer 7!!! The button appears and my mouse cursor turns into a hand when I hover, but clicking does nothing.


      Any ideas? It seems like the world's Internet browsers are ganging up on me!





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          Quiet in the Corner Level 1

          Hi All,


          I was on a roll yesterday with a few other WebHelp related issues and I stumbled across the answer to this.


          It turns out the Related Topics drop-down menu does open. Thanks to the intricacies of Microsoft, IE7 opens the menu at the top of the page. If you adjust the ehlpdtm.js file as per my attachment (attachement is in txt format because I can't post .js on the forum), the menu will open in the right place. I should point out that Adobe recommend that you don't manually edit the file and state that all changes will be overwritten if you regenenerate the Help (but just drop the file in again post regeneration I suppose).


          Try it if you have this problem, but take a copy of the original file first, incase you want to undo the change.



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            Hi there


            Sorry you didn't find help with this here and thanks a million for posting the answer so others may benefit. Very kind of you.


            I'm posting to suggest that you could possibly overcome the issue of having to remember to replace the file each time. You would do this by modifying the "seed" file you would find among the other seed files. Where exactly the file will be found will depend on the version of RoboHelp you are using as well as whether that version was installed as part of the Technical Communication Suite or not.


            You would want to search your hard drive to locate where the ehlpdhtm file is found.


            Cheers... Rick



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              Cal Wilson Level 1

              I would like to reopen this discussion if possible. I am having the same problem with the Related Topics and See Also controls in IE7, i.e., the menu is displayed at the top of the page in WebHelp.


              I would like to try to use the fix proposed by Alex (Quiet in the Corner), but I don't fully understand the suggestion related to the ehlpdhtm.txt (.js) file. Could someone provide more specific details regarding how to use the fix?


              Do I just copy the file provided by Alex?

              Will the file change other settings related to the controls that I have, for example, the font and font size used for the label on the buttons?

              Will the file work for both Related Topics and See Also controls?

              Is there a specific section in the file that can be changed to change the position (I could just edit that section if you can provide the information.)?

              Are there different sections for See Also and Related Topics?


              Based on what Rick said (May 20, 2009), I plan to modify the seed file so that I only have to make the change once. Is that still thought to be viable?


              For the most part, I work with the WYSIWYG, so I need more help in interpreting and changing files like ehlpdhtm.js.


              Thanks in advance for any and all help.

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                Praful_Jain Level 3


                You can see the reply on other thread as well http://forums.adobe.com/message/2207677#2207677

                -Praful Jain