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    Array/Structure or QueryNew


      Recently I have had to work with data that I read off a Text File. I created the required pages using both Arrays and QueryNew funtions to manipulate the data. I did find QueryNew better suited for my purpose. Speed wise I could not see any noticeable difference. Server performance wise do any of you know if one is better than the other?

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          ilssac Level 5

          A couple of years ago, I had a ColdFusion Engineer at a conference to us that ColdFusion is more efficient at hangling LARGE arrays then LARGE Record Sets.  As it is a web application server, not a database management system.


          This was in reference to the preformance of Query of Query functionality that can often be sped up with a converstion to some type of Array logic.


          And I would worry more about which version was easier to code, understand and maintain before I would ever worry about minor preformance differences until such a time is load and preformance testing tells me there is a problem.


          But depending on what you where doing with those record sets after you built them with the QueryNew() functionality, it might, possible, maybe be slightly better if they where arrays.

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            Dan Bracuk Level 5

            try cfhttp.  The name attribute gives you a query.