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    Flex accessibility configuration.

      Can anyone help with basic accessibility in Flex SDK?
      I’m having trouble getting basic accessibility working for simple Text or TextArea controls. I believed that if the app was compiled with accessible set to true in the config file, then text should be accessible to screen readers by default.
      This is seemingly not the case, as my blind colleague from our accessibility department cannot ’see’ the text in a sample app I wrote unless he mouses over it (ie its not being read by default).
      He can see tooltip text on images (and Text controls too, for that matter).
      Some other things I tried were (i) adding tabIndex attribute to the Text control, in case this triggered accessibility, and (ii) adding the compiler switch for accessibility to see if this made any difference.

      He’s running Flash player 9 on IE. He has tried it with both Jaws and Window-Eyes with the same result. He has not installed the additional scripts for Jaws, but I would have thought they were not required to simple read text!

      I must be missing something simple here, but what?