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    drag and drop and textboxes.

      hi. i'm very new to web design and do most of my designing in photoshop, using the knife tool to cut out spaces for textboxes and the such, and saving for web. i then bring it all to dreamweaver (MX), delete the cuts i made in photoshop (so it looks like i hole in my design), and create tables to the size of the hole to input text. i have 2 problems.

      problem 1:
      i dont know how to create a textbox in dreamweaver over an image. all that ever happens is the tables i create shoves my image to the side. how do i figure this out?

      problem 2:
      when i view my design in a browser, i found that all the components of my design (say the header, or a border design for my textbox) can be drag and dropped. how do i disable this?

      if this isnt very clear, please tell me and i will try to clarify.