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    Does FlexBuilder have its own Server?


      So my new FlexBuilder just arrived, and it won't run a program that runs fine without it. :-(


      The program reads a local file with HTTPService, using my local Tomcat Server.


      When I try to run it under Flexbuilder, it complains about the HTTPService command, and quits.

      The Debugger, which was one of the main reasons I got it, says nothing. :-(


      I fear that FB won't simulate a server.


      This must be a problem that evereyone faces.


      Do I now have to FTP my data up to the cloud in order to use FlexBuilder?


      Or is there some way to get FB to use the Tomcat Server?


      Or, do I have to replace the HTTPService call with some method that will read local data, and hope I don't undebuggably break it when I put it back for deployment? Or. will the local data method continue to work when I upload both program and data?


      Or, can I start over and configure the project for AIR? But, then will it work when I do deploy it to the Web?


      Here's the statement it chokes on:


      <mx:HTTPService    id="getData"
              result="xmlData = event.result as XML"
              fault="mx.controls.Alert.show('Error: ' + event.fault.faultString, 'App Error')"