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    Authenticating AIR application auto-update


      Hi, I'm building documentation for my desktop-product with RH8 and AIR SSL auto-update functionality.  It looks like I need to expose any revision of my documentation on Internet for the auto-update.  My company does not want to expose it freely since it is intellecual property.  Is there a way to protect the revision with some authentication that would work with the AIR auto-update mechanism?  Thanks in advance.



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          Kutra Level 1

          Same situation like ours! :-)


          If your documentation on the internet is accessed using "https", then that's the link that will be used for auto-updating and thus an authentication box will be displayed anytime a request for an update is made.


          Good luck.



          P.S.: Any chance you encountered this problem with AIR and external links: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/422870?tstart=0

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            dhtho Level 1

            Thanks Kutra.  I was hoping for a more seamless solution, but I guess I'd have to write documentation on how to update the documentation!


            My wish would be to either:

            1. have the updated .air file encrypted so that only the original AIR can consume it.

            2. support HTTPs with username/password included in AIR (possibly using the Digital Certificate assigned in the app?)


            Hopefully I'll see that in the next release!