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    AVI Files are fuzzy

    BRC guy Level 1

      Hello good people.


      I have PREL 4 and a Canon VIXIA HV30. I am currently edited a film of a theatre production. I am editing two camera angles. I am doing this one scene at a time to save on memory space in my computer. I then save each scene for later inclusion in the final project as an AVI file for editing.


      I just put them all together in one PREL file, and have now noticed a considerable drop in picture quality from the original. The original copies that I first edited were crystal clear. Now they are fuzzy and almost look out of focus. I assumed, since the size of these AVI files is HUGE that they are basically digital replicas of the original with no loss of fidelity. Now I think my assumption is incorrect.


      When working on a three-hour project, how can you do it in sections without corrupting the video picture quality?


      Thanks so much for considering my situation.


      ~ Jeff Knutson

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          It all depends.


          The HV30 is an HDV camcorder that stores its video as MPEG on tape. This is the format you want to capture and work with it in if you are planning to output a hi-def BluRay disc. Your Premiere Elements project should be set up as an HDV project.


          But it sounds like you're working with standard video, with plans to output a standard DVD.


          If this is the case, you want to downsample the video coming out of your camcorder and capture it as DV-AVIs. You do this by setting your camcorder to DV Lock and capturing your video into a Premiere Elements project that is set up for standard DV.


          If you're using this workflow, the AVIs you output should be virtually identical to the AVIs you put into the project.


          Is this what you're doing, or have you captured and converted your video using some other method?

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            the_wine_snob Level 9



            Along with Steve's advice, one thing to consider is the setting of the Display Monitor in PE. If it's set to Fit, you will want to view at 100% for critical quality control. At its best, the Display Monitor is just an emulator. It does pretty well, but is not perfect. That is why many folk feed a signal out of their NLE to a calibrated CRT monitor for critical analysis. Even better is to Burn just a section (use the Work Area Bar) to DVD RW and test it on your set-top player and TV. The computer monitor is likely higher-rez and things will not appear as good, as on the TV. This is mostly for an SD DVD-video workflow.


            Your media should not have a red line above it, just below the Time Ruler in the Timeline, so you should NOT have to Render. Is that line green?


            Good luck,



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