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    Printing Checks


      Hello all,

      I have just been asked try and construct a page that will properly print checks from a query. We have blank 8.5 / 11 inch check stock paper (3 checks per peice, perferated). I was wondering if anyone else has done this kind of thing, and if so, how did you pull it off. I know the margins have to be very exact (down a hundreth on a inch) so you have to be very careful. I was thinking to limit cross browser rendering problems to just generate a PDF, but I havn't done that before and wanted to know what my options might be.


      I have heard people talk about using the report builder for this type of thing, but

      1) Report builder refuses to work for me, I have RDS installed and set up, but it will not connect.

      2) The query that powers this page is actually a web service callout to another site (Salesforce) and hence I don't think report builder knows how to deal with that.


      So if you have any ideas, please let me know as I am at a bit of loss where to start. Thank you.