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    Word wrap in closed caption

    DE_Kabal Level 1

      How do I get the sentence to wrap to the 2nd line for the closed captioning or scroll though the text? I have the lines set to 2.



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          KCWebPlaza Level 1

          In the Closed Caption editor, you have to manually split your caption text into "rows". Once you click the button to insert a new row, you can copy/paste or manually type each row of caption text. Adjust the timing of each row of text by moving the slider for each at the top of the editing window.

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            mvlele Level 3

            The width of the closed caption movie is fixed and hence the closed caption text will automatically wrap once the length of characters exceeds the width of the closed caption movie clip.

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              Michael L at UNCP Level 1

              I know this is an old thread but I found it looking for an answer to a different question. Others may come as well.


              The width of captions is fixed but the text does not automatically wrap at the end. The letters sort of stack.  At least that is the way it always displays for me within Premiere.


              To get the text to wrap in Adobe's captioning window, it's necessary to insert manual line breaks. Hit Enter/Return when you need a line or row to end.