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    Skin Selection Overrides Publish Settings in CS3?




      I have imported an FLV file into Flash CS3, and chosen "Progressive Download from a Web Server" as my deployment option.


      It appears that none of the stock skins make any provisions for a deployment in "pause" mode, so I figured I would just specify that in the Publsh Settings. It would also appear that when deploying in this manner, all (or many) of the Publish Settings are being overridden either by unseen code in the small generated .swf file, or in the skin's own .swf file.


      Is there anyway to publish where the generated movie loads in the browser in paused mode other than embedding the video in an .swf and playing in the timeline? I hope I've been sufficiently clear. :-)


      Note: I have not included which version of Actionscript as I've used none in this application.


      Thanks in Advance!