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    PSD files


      Ok this may be a dumb question...

      How to import layered .psd file into Director 11?

      Does it retain layer positions?

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          Sean_Wilson Adobe Community Professional

          I haven't tried it, but I don't think you can. There used to be an xtra called Photocaster for this purpose, but I don't think it's in active development. I haven't tried the awaImage xtra, but it claims PSD support. Failing that you'd be best to save a layer at a time to PNG and import these

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            HairRaiser Level 1

            If that's the case, it's a big disappointment for me in upgrading to version 11. All the while, since both Photoshop and Director are now from Adobe, it should be native to import .psd files.


            I used to work on Director 8.5 and MX2004 and used Alphamania xtra to import .psd files. I expected that if I upgrade to version 11, I would no longer use this xtra since I think the company already closed down.



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              HairRaiser Level 1

              BTW, I remember before the launch of version 11, one of the main features of this is the support of more than 40 image formats... I mean, what the heck is that?

              Can someone please explain to me about this feature?

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                Mark A. Boyd Level 4

                If you have FireWorks, you can open the PSD file in FW and Save As a

                FireWorks PNG file. It does a fair job of maintaining the look

                and editability of the PS file, depending on your settings.


                Director will import FW PNG files with all objects intact and in

                position - as a single cast member. So for multiple layers, you would

                need to either hide layers & import, or as Sean suggested, export

                multiple FireWorks using "Edit

                in external editor"





                Mark A. Boyd


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                  HairRaiser Level 1

                  Thank you all so much. Might as well try it in FW. I thought all these xtras are no longer needed in D11.

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                    Mark A. Boyd Level 4

                    This stupid Web forum deleted no less than 12 words from my email reply. How it decided to take two sentences, delete 12 words, and combine what was left in some strange way as my last sentence is just mind boggling. "...export multiple Fireworks..."?! Those three words do not exist in the same sentence anywhere in my email reply!


                    The overall gist was there, but the concept that got completely lost by the Jive Forum arbitrarily editing my email message was this:


                    You can still edit the cast member from Director->FireWorks using "Edit  in external editor"


                    In addtion, I've preferred the FW<->Director flow for many years now. I hope you find it as useful.



                    Mark A. Boyd
                    Keep-On-Learnin' :-)

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                      How to import layered .psd file into Director ?


                      You can use a Xtra -Photocaster.x32, more information to access www.medialab.com

                      The Xtra can import all layers in a .psd file into Director and arrange every layer to a single channel .


                      Why not Adobe develop a function like that for Director........

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                        HairRaiser Level 1

                        Yeah actually I also have this xtra and it's registered to my old D8. And yes you're right, why don't Adobe make our lives a little bit easier. This should be part of D11.

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                          xz1000m Level 1

                          It seems that  this xtra can work in D11.5. Try to put the file the xtra to the folder : X:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Director 11\Configuration\Xtras.