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    asp web analysis?

      I'm looking at building a new part to a CRM ASP based build I have for one of my clients.

      I have full access to the log files directly, but don't know where to start with an analysis based in ASP.
      I'm just wanting the usual array of analysis such as amount of visits, times, referrers etc which I assume are all in the logs..

      Just want to know where to start with the analysis build - is there a tutorial out there to start with?

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          Jamesy, I am not sure how to say this way. But you can look it up by looking at you web hosting's cPanel web stats report as provided by web hosting companies. It can be one with any data-driven websites ususally once logged in and getting into one of those features offered by your or clients' web hosting providers.

          As for complications of data gatherings or some kind of data collections or tracking, it varies from hosting to others. Some offers top-notched, high-end stats report, some offers low-end, pure simple stats report. Some allows you edit some of information gatherings specific to what you want it to be.

          I use this great, free stuff available through Google Analytics. So have a look at it, if you are interested to sign up with Google Analytics, you are encouraged to do so. But there is one catch is that once you signed up for this service, once you define your website's URL into your Google Analystics account, it will provides you a scripted JS file -- that you need to put it in *every* HTML pages in its entirety of your site. For each client's websites of their own, they need to set one theirs own account to reflect the stats. Once you put your pre-scripted js file as provided by Google Analystics, give it a few days for Google Analystics to do a ping of all information to feed whatever information to web stats report for you.

          The nice feature about Google Analytics is pretty much 'world class' indepth web stats analysis. Of course, it is a bit of learning curve to understand how it works and what data tells you. Of course, do some of experiments.

          Does it help you, no?
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            We are not with a host. it's on a dedicated server.

            I just want an breakdown of the best way of text streaming the logs files and what I should be looking for...

            Thanks anyway