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    Wave_warp.aex ~ Exception Error ~ Even with Rollback-rx...

    Kodebuster Level 3

      After a System recommended update to my Realtek Driver to v6.0.1.5789, on load to PE7 got an Exception dialog box at Wave_Warp.aex.


      Clicked continue a few times, PE loaded okay with good sound, also had good sound on play from Burn-to-Folder.


      Rolled back Realtek Driver via Device Manager, no fix on Exceptions.


      Rolled back System Image (via Rollback-RX), with no fix, (this really scared me, cause Rollback-RX is usually foolproof).

      No matter how far I roll back the Sys Image, I get the same Exception Error.


      Was going to re-install PE7, but decided to try a Repair first.

      Repair hung at Loading Smart Sound for over 30 minutes on a screaming i7Core running at 3.00 ghz.

      I Forced a Shut Down of the Repair.


      Then without re-booting, I fired up PE7 and the Exception Error was gone on load.


      Then I roll forward to my latest System Image, PE loads okay.


      I can't explain what happen, but any fix, is a good fix....LOL...


      If your not familiar with RollBack-rx, check it out here:




      I will not run my editing PC without it, it's a winner (even with my recent experience above, it has saved me countless hours of rebuiding my image because of Microsoft and Vendor install issues)...