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    How do you create PDFs with PHP that Reader can save?

    Tim Flash



      I want to create a PDF with some user-editable text fields that Adobe Reader can open.


      The user should be able to fill out the form and save it. Then they can forward to someone else who can modify it if they want.


      I need to create this using PHP.


      I've looked at two open source PHP classes for creating PDFs: TCPDF and dompdf.


      A relevent TCPDF message post is this one:



      It seems that to do what I want the "local save" option must be enabled for the PDF for this to work in Adobe Reader. But I think this is impossible to do without the Adobe private key.


      So if I want to create an editable, savable PDF form with PHP that can be read and saved from Adobe Reader, should I just give up now?


      Does anyone have any information on PDFLib and if that can do it?


      I know that TCPDF can create a form that is editable in Adobe Acrobat - but i need it to be editable in Adobe Reader!


      Hope that makes sense...


      Hope someone can help!