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    Doubt for scriptMenuActions!!!

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      Hi adoby guys,


      When i'm run the below script each time the length value has been changed in the alert.  Any one know where  it's happen in the InDesign.


      i'm using InDesign CS4 5.0.4


      var menuactions = app.scriptMenuActions.length;






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          "I have a question" carries the implication that one does not understand.

          "I have doubts" carries the implication that one understands, but does not agree.)


          Try this:


          var menuactions = app.scriptMenuActions.length;
          var menunames = app.scriptMenuActions.everyItem().name;

          On my system, it gives consistents results. For CS3,

          3, XHTML / Dreamweaver..., XHTML / Digital Editions..., Export Book to Digital Editions...


          and for CS4:


          3, Export for Dreamweaver..., Export for Digital Editions..., Export Book for Digital Editions...