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    Critical Connection Key Help

      We've been using Contribute in our school district for over five years. Yesterday, out of the blue, we started getting reports from users about a message that "Contribute could not read the shared setting file for this website because the file has been corrupted. To re-create the shared setting file, an administrator must administer the website again." When I tried to go into Contribute to administer the site, it wouldn't let me connect.

      With no other option, I deleted the connection, re-created it and had to reset all of the roles. I spent the day re-creating the roles and just sent new keys to the teachers to allow them to connect. I tested a few of the keys and they seemed to work fine. However, when the teachers tried to use them, they got the following message: "The connection key you are trying to import is corrupt, please see an administrator for a valid connection key".

      I'm at a loss at this point. I don't know why they wouldn't be able to connect with the new keys I just created.

      Our environment: A mix of Contribute 3.11 and Contribute 4 users (all Windows platform). I administer the site using Contribute 4 but have kept it in Transition Mode. We've been set up this way since the summer and had no problems with it until yesterday.

      As of right now, I have about 175 users that are unable to make changes to their websites and with school starting just about a week ago, they are really on me to solve this problem.