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    Adobe premiere pro CS4 quality issues


      Hi there,


      i've been struggling with this issue for a while,.

      i hope that someone here can help me out!


      I am making a promoting movie for a dance school here,

      but as i am editing i have to use automatic quality because when i set the preview on high it will stutter,


      that's not even the problem because thats only a preview


      but when i try to export it,

      it makes the quality really bad,

      in previeuw i can read whats on the screen

      and now there are A LOT more pixels, making the text unreadable,...


      this is really freaking me out

      i've attatched a file of a screenshot so you guys can see what i'm talking about.^^

      i've been trying exporting all kinds of ext like avi,mpg,HD,H.265 etc etc..


      Please help me 0_o