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    Search Functionality

      Disclaimer - I know nothing about RoboHelp. But our product's documentation is being ported there for our next release and I filed a bug because if I search for, say, "output after" (a key clause in our language), I get all the pages with "output" on it (and "after" and ....), where what I want are just those (few) pages with the exact literal "output after".

      Now techpubs replied that this is a future fix because it is a bug with Adobe.

      Is that really true? Is there no way to search for a quoted literal in RoboHelp?

      If there is a way, could some kind soul point me to the appropriate material that I can point tech pubs to?

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          DaveC8 Level 1
          Update. TechPubs now explains that "after" is on a stop list, which apparently cannot be altered. (?)

          And if I search for "FUBAR SNAFU" I would get all pages with both FUBAR and SNAFU, although not necessarily next to each other.

          That still seems weird to me.... a literal search is, well, literal.

          Again, confirmation/refutation appreciated!
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            Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
            What you are finding is the current way that webhelp works. You don't say what your output is.

            The simple lowcost solution for now is ZoomSearch as described on my site.

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              Pet3689 Level 1
              I do not know how this works for WebHelp, but for HTML help, searching for phrases is easy:

              Use single or double quotes or round brackets:

              'find this'
              "find this"
              (find this)

              By the way, with Google, I found a document on full text search with HTMLHelp / CHM files.

              I modified that document (quite a bit) and I now include it with our CHM files (with a short link in the header via our RoboHelp template).
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                DaveC8 Level 1
                Thanks for the replies. ZoomSearch sounds very promising - I will add this information to the bug I filed. And see what comes of it.