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    Adobe Reader 9.1 Update "MSP"


      Hello everyone,


      I have Adobe Reader 9.1 deployed to 550 PC via SMS and now I need to apply the patch AdbeRdrUpd911_all_incr.msp. How is the way to apply the MSP patch without unintalling 9.1.


      This what I did with the MSP patch, I've injected the patch throught the MSI of 9.1 and I have custom MST. When you install Adobe 9.1 with the injected Patch on fresh machine that doesn't have Adobe Reader 9.1, it will install fine and will show in the Add Remove Program " Adobe Reader 9.1.1. If you have Adobe Reader 9.1 installed on the machine and push the Adobe Reader 9.1 with the injected patch "MSP" it will fail.


      I can remove Adobe Reader 9.1 and then install Adobe Reader 9.1 with the MSP "Adobe Reader 9.1.1" which I'm not planning on doing this.


      I just need a way to apply the MSP patch on the top of the existing Adober Reader 9.1 on the PCs.


      Any idea.