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    High CPU usage with RoboHelp-brings everything to a grinding halt

    rccrcoleman Level 1

      More and more I find that RoboHelp is hogging CPU and brings everything to a grinding halt.  I don't know why this started happening or what I can do to minimize the impact when it does.  I usually have to use the Task Manager to close everything and then restart my computer.  I save often in an attempt to make it less painful.  I also noticed something new yesterday (right before Robohelp took over my computer).  I was in a topics properties and I was trying to save a template to the topic.  I changed the template and hit apply then closed. The changes weren't reflected. When I opened properties again the old template was in the template field.  I thought maybe I mistakenly picked the wrong template and changed it again.  Again the changes were not reflected.  This happened on every 4th topic as I proceeded.  I would have to close all topics I had open to 'reset' and avoid the issue.  Anyone know if my Robohelp project has become a rebellious teenager while I wasn't looking?  What can I do and are the 2 issues related?