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    ColumnSet and LineSeries combined in one chart with two or more axes

    Teunis Gaelbhain
      I'm trying to create a chart with a ColumnSet associated with a left axis and some LineSeries associated with a right axis. Unless I set the verticalAxis property equal to the left axis, the ColumnSet doesn't line up properly with its axis.

      As a test, if I only have a ColumnSet, and I associate it with an axis, and associate that axis with an AxisRenderer, and I place that AxisRenderer between mx:verticalAxisRenderer tags (the old, deprecated way of doing it), everything works fine. If I place it between mx:verticalAxisRenderers tags (the new way of doing it), it no longer works.

      What gives? The old ways that work are deprecated. Using the new way, the axis doesn't seem to know about the individual series in the ColumnSet and won't render itself properly. While I could cheat and set the verticalAxis property equal to my leftAxis, what if I had another ColumnSet that I wanted to associate with a second left axis?

      Am I not understanding the new Flex 3 paradigm? I associate my ColumnSet with an axis (e.g., myColumnSet.verticalAxis). Do you also have to associate the individual series within the ColumnSet with that axis? It does seem to be true, but then again, I can't get this to work without resorting to the deprecated methods.