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    Where is the Vector class? Can't use it.

    Lopo Nopo Level 1



      I've downloaded Flex Builder 3 Trial from Adobe's website.

      Now I want to use the Vector class, but this code for example:

        var v:Vector.<String>;
        v = new Vector.<String>();

      Gives me this error:
      1046: Type was not found or was not a compile-time constant: Vector.


      At the IDE, going to

        Window -> Preferences -> Flex -> Installed Flex SDKs


      I can see that I have Flex 3.2 SDK.


      Even more than that: When I search for "Vector" in the help ("Adobe® Flex™ 3 Language Reference") I can see all the details about Vector.


      What can I do?

      I'd like to avoid installing any newer SDKs due to all the bugs I see listed here in the forums.


      Thank you!