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    Problems with recording, not recording, not captioning actions, etc.

    Linda D Peterso

      Hello, this is my first attempt in a forum so hopefully, I can ask the question correctly. I am a recent new user of Captivate 3 and all the playing I have been doing has worked well. (I also took a two day class and have read everything in help menu) During this last week, when attempting manual recording, it does nothing when I press the print screen button. The first screen seems to be captured as soon as I hit record. The END button doesn't work, Auto-recording worked one hour before but then not again. I am not using FMR. I have tried going back to all default settings and starting over as described in the manual. I am really frustrated. Thank you in advance.


      Thank heaven the forum is available, the support center is worthless, provided you could even understand a word they said.