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    New person's question: regarding importing media into premiere cs4


      Hi folks, please excuse the level of my ignorance but I really need a bit of clarification.  If i import video from a tape captured from my Canon A1, hd 30 frames progressive or if I import into a project video movie which was rendered 1920x1080 progressive f4v is there any difference in quality?


      In other words is digital information captured in the native format via adobe capture window ( set to hd ) of better "quality" then importing a movie that was 1st rendered from a different project in the hd f4v format?


      I am embarished to ask this question as I keep thinking that zeros and ones captured in Hd 1920x1080 adobe flash movie can not degrade if imported into a project vs digital info from a tape but maybe I am missing something that is essential in the work flow process.


      It is easy for me to output sections of my training films as f4v and store them on my hard drive. Later I can import "blocks" of edited material into another training project but I am afraid that I might be degrading the process with this work flow.


      Sorry to ask such a newbie question but I really don't want to make a fundamental mistake that will have a negative effect down the road.


      Thanks again,


      Ken Araujo