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    H264 encoded playback file is much darker than original .avi


      Hi -

      I am trying to encode a large .avi file as H264 and everything goes well, but the playback is MUCH darker than the original .avi file is. I have done this before with a black and white video and had no problem, but this one is not working.


      The avi is created in Sony vegas Pro and i found some online info suggesting that this is a known problem in earlier versions of Premiere, and that there is an edit that cna be made to the Prem60.ini file. However, I am running Premiere Pro 4.0 and can't even find an .ini file in the folder now.


      This is encoding from NTSC 720 x 480 23.957 fps, to H264 NTSC DV Widescreen High Quality.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!