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    Newbie: could not load keystore file (password may be incorrect)


      I'm getting the error in the subject.


      Here's the command I used to sign it:


      adt -certificate -cn mycertificate 1024-RSA mycertificatefile.p12 ps


      Here's what I do next:


      adt -package -storetype pkcs12 -keystore mycertificatefile.p12 myTest.air myTest.xml myTest.html


      I then use the password "ps" when it asks for the password.  This is what it spits back to me.


      password: ps
      could not load keystore file (password may be incorrect)
        adt -checkstore SIGNING_OPTIONS
        adt -certificate -cn <name> ( -ou <org-unit> )? ( -o <org-name> )? ( -c <country> )? <key-type> <pfx-file> <password>
        adt -help
        adt -migrate SIGNING_OTIONS <air-file-in> <air-file-out>
        adt -package SIGNING_OPTIONS <air-file> <app-desc> FILE_ARGS
        adt -prepare <airi-file> <app-desc> FILE_ARGS
        adt -sign SIGNING_OPTIONS <airi-file> <air-file>
        adt -version


      SIGNING_OPTIONS: -storetype <type> ( -keystore <store> )? ( -storepass <pass> )? ( -keypass <pass> )? ( -providerName <name> )? ( -tsa <url> )?
      FILE_ARGS: <fileOrDir>* (( -C <dir> <fileOrDir>+ ) | ( -e <file> <path> ))*

      I do indeed have myTest.xml and myTest.html files in the folder I'm running this in.


      Any suggestions as to how I might be able to fix this and proceed, would be highly appreciated. Thanks.