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    How to remove Warnings of Error #1008?

    midimid Level 1

      I have hundreds of error #1008, "has no type declaration" in my Problems Panel.  I know these are just warnings, but I am combing through my app to strongly type everything. What's strange is the warnings are not dissapearing after I fix them, making my progress rather difficult to log.  What can I do to make errors go away after I've fixed them?


      Flex Builder 3.0.214193, Eclipse 3.3.1.R33x

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          Michael Borbor Level 4

          Did you try a project clean?





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            ATIF FAROOQ Level 3


               have you other opened project except the one on which you are working . If you have then may be warninings are from code in other project.If you not see any warning in your code in current project.If its not the case then u can simply ignore warnings  or disable them by going to Project->-Properties->Flex Compiler tab  uncheck enable warnings combobox.

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              Live today



              I also got the ame error. I just declare the type of oblject like:


                      public static function debg(mg){




              It's giving error 1008: return value for function "debg" has no type declaration.

                                    1008: parameter "mg" has no type declaration.


              I solve the problem like this:


              I put my curser on the debg(mg), its showing the parameter name as tooltip (Do not click). Just put the parameter name on that, the error will removed.


                                       public static function debg(mg:Object){



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                David_F57 Level 5



                if you have a function you need to declare if it has return values or not


                private  function myfunction(): void





                private function myfunction():String


                var myValue:String = somevalue I calculate...


                return myValue;