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    Quicktime HD


      I was asked to edit a festival event and when the shooters gave me their footage, I just assumed I could edit it. They gave me an external hard drive and the original tapes...the files on the hard drive were created using Final Cut Pro. I knew it was Quitktime, but I edit Quicktime files all day long with no trouble. This was shot in HD and not only can I not edit the files, they won't even play on my system. I have the original tapes but there is a proprietary barrier between my (Sony/Canon) setup and the (JVC) camera it was shot with.  Double whammy!


      When I attempt to import these files into Premiere, it says I'm missing a codec. I've looked all over for a fix and can't find anything. I did find something called a Raylight Decoder but I am running Vista and that seems to be an issue too. I have a VLC Media Player but that offers no solution to my editing situation. I sure could use some help here...



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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Just a guess, but it sounds like the FCP Capture used the ProRes QT COCEC. This is not currently available for the PC, to the best of my knowledge.


          Now, if I read the reports of the upcoming CS4 4.1 update, it will be able to handle more of the Mac QT files (though I do not know about ProRes) much, much better. Here's a pretty long THREAD that might make mention of the QT suff.


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          [Edit] Here's another THREAD, that might help.

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            Jim_Simon Level 8

            Bill's likely right on the precaptured clips.  They're of no use.


            JVC shoots in 720p, where as Sony and Canon chose the 1080i format.


            Your only hope here is to capture with a JVC camera on the PC.