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    Unable to resize/reframe video in Program monitor


      I have a Mac lab running OS 10.4.11 on all computers and Premiere 3.2.


      On nearly every Mac in the lab, when a video clip is viewed in the program monitor, it can be resized or reframed. When I click on video in the program monitor, white crosshairs appear in the center of the video along with click-drag boxes on the outer edge. I can use those tools to resize the video (enlarge or shrink) and move the video around in the window to reframe it. I frequently use this to resize widescreen video to fit into traditional TV size monitor or vice versa.


      So, on this one particular computer, this doesn't work. I click on the video in the program monitor and nothing happens. No white crosshairs, no click-drag boxes, no nothing.


      What setting, if any, do I need to change in order to make this essential function work again?


      Thanks in advance.