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    Calling WebHelp Using URLs not working in Firefox.


      Hi Peter et al:


      I am using Peter's method of calling WebHelp using URLs as described here: http://www.grainge.org/pages/authoring/calling_webhelp/using_urls.htm


      This works fine in IE, however it seems to be breaking in Firefox 3.0.3 and 3.0.10. Here's what happens...


      My start page is startpage.htm and I want to jump to target.htm. And here's the TOC so you understand what's going on:



        - IntroBook1

        - Topic 1

        - Topic 2


        - IntroBook2

        - Topic 3

        - Topic 4

        - Book3

            - IntroBook3

            - target


      So if I use URL: http://server/docs/startpage.htm#target.htm in IE, then Target.htm is displayed with the TOC et al.


      If I use the same URL (http://server/docs/startpage.htm#target.htm) in Firefox, then Target.htm is displayed with the TOC et al, but gets automatically redirected to IntroBook2.htm.


      If I use http://server/docs/target.htm in Firefox, then Target.htm is displayed without the TOC et al as expected. But when I click the Show link, the TOC et al gets displayed but then automatically, the right frame redirects to IntroBook2.htm with the TOC.


      If I carry out the test using absolute paths: D:\WebHelp\startpage.htm#target.htm in the address bar, Firefox changes the path to

      file:///D:/WebHelp/startpage.htm%23target.htm and tries to load target.htm. IE also does the exact same thing and displays target.htm with the TOC et al, however Firefox gives a File Not Found error! Only when I manually replace %23 with # and hit Enter, then Firefox can display target.htm with the TOC et al.


      Anybody encounter this?