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    cfexchangecalendar modify question




      I am creating a meeting request in my application.  This seems to work without issue.  The functionality I need to add is when more users sign up for the meeting online, I am trying to MODIFY the existing Meeting UID by adding the additional people onto the original meeting.  This is creating a problem!


      What seems to work is my meeting is modified to add the additional email attendees.  Here's what doesn't work:


      1.  The ORIGINAL attendees are getting a second meeting request on their calendar.

      2.  The ORIGINAL attendees are getting a second email notification in the inbox.

      3.  MY Meeting request seems to be getting overridden.  I notice this when I go to the Tracking Tab via Outlook, anyone that has originally accepted has been reset.


      Does anyone know how to solve the multiple requests in my users calendar?  If I'm modifying my initial request, why is my Tracking reset?  Is anyone else having these issues?


      Thank you.